Revés para Disney +; cancelan serie de Los Muppets

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ESTADOS UNIDOS.- Josh Gad, encargado de producir la serie Muppets: Vivir otro día, informó que la realización de dicho proyecto se canceló debido a diferencias creativas entre los involucrados.

A través de su cuenta oficial de Instagram, Josh Gad compartió un mensaje.

El “reebot” de seis capítulos ubicaría al grupo de títeres un año después de Los Muppets toman Nueva York, película estrenada en 1984, donde la rana “Kermit” y sus amigos llegan a Broadway para protagonizar un musical.

El proyecto con canciones originales de Bobby y Kristen López sería dirigido por Jason Moore (Avenida Q, Notas perfectas), informó Gad, quien añadió que la serie colocaría a los títeres a mediados de los años 80 con la finalidad de revivir la nostalgia, encaminar a los personajes al tiempo actual y revelar algunos secretos.

La producción se cancela previó al lanzamiento de Disney +, plataforma donde además de estrenarse Muppets: Vivir otro día, también llegaría la serie Libro de encantamientos, una adaptación de la historia creada por la autora Serena Valentino, la cual fue suspendida a finales de agosto.

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Misinformation is my least favorite kind of information so I thought I’d take a minute to clarify some news that broke today. After a little over a year and a half of working on a project called “Muppets Live Another Day,” @adamhorowitzla #eddykitsis and I have decided, with a heavy heart, to walk away. Some times creative differences are just that. The project, with original songs by Bobby Lopez and Kristen Lopez was to be directed by the great Jason Moore, (director of “Avenue Q” and “Pitch Perfect”). It was meant to be a limited event series that picked up a year after “Muppets Take Manhattan” and was essentially about what happens after you’ve reached the end of the rainbow. It was going to be Muppets by way of Stranger Things and feel like a movie spread over 6-8 episodes. Part of the joy for us, by placing the Muppets in the middle of the 1980’s, was to subvert and comment on our current love for all things nostalgia while at the same time allowing the characters to tell a story that would ultimately lead to and end in present day, revealing some secrets along the way. It has been one of the great joys of all of our lives to write words for these iconic characters. We wish this franchise all the best and thank our partners at Disney+ and ABC Studios for the opportunity to develop something so fun and outside the box. They have been nothing but supportive and terrific and we can’t wait to play again in other sandboxes. While it is sad, I have no doubt this franchise, under its new leadership will find new and wonderful stories to tell. My only hope is that one day you can all hear the BRILLIANT music by Bobby and @kristenlopez5681 wrote for Kermit and company. The music is next level good. In the meantime, Adam, Eddy and I are already cooking up new fun ideas that we cannot wait to share. Until then, long live “The Muppets.” They have given us joy for over 40 years and I have no doubt they will continue to bring us joy for the next 40 years.

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